A fence

This project isn’t moving very fast. Even a new fence going up around the old petrol station is worthy of note

Metal fence seen from north Monivong Blvd.

Clearing the area

With the go-ahead to start the Royal Tower, the area around the construction site is starting to get cleared away. First to go is the petrol station on the triangle lot in the middle of the intersection.

Dismantle part 1

Dismantle part 2

Nothing happening yet

A look from different angles before something (potentially) happens.

Car sale lot on the premises currently

Shops on the south side of the future development block

Cars for sale currently on the site

Fuel station in the middle of the road with the future development site behind (to the left)

Construction just to the west at the old radio station (related?)

Another Big Bank

The intersection of Monivong and Russian Blvd. is banking central. Canadia is there. Vattanac is coming. What about Royal? Across the street! Don’t worry Acleda, there are more corners on this intersection. To be specific, the new tower will be where the police station exists currently – the southwest corner of Monivong + Russian.

From magazine article

Another from Print

Proposed Tower