New Paint Job

Big news last month is that the section of Rail from Phnom Penh to Kampot is open. Unfortunately it is to freight only. It is unclear when passenger service will commence. But it’s worth being hopeful because it looks like the old rail station is getting a makeover.

Phnom Penh rail station with a fresh coat of paint

Someone’s always got to pay!

Schedule is up inside but the station is still closed

Some new trains can be seen through the locked gates

Locked gates

View behind the train station

Intercity Rail

There is a lot of railroad inside Phnom Penh going to the station, the ports and storage sheds. I am convinced that some of the worst poverty in Phnom Penh exists next to these tracks. With news of pending reconstruction, here come the evictions…

Phnom Penh railway station view from top of Canadia Tower.

The ‘mystery’ fire back in March beside the tracks through Tuol Kork.

The mystery fire happened to be just in the poor area and not far from the rail storage sheds.

Rail storage sheds south of Tuol Kork area

Track near Boeng Kok lake

Tracks have become central to the squatting communities

Rail heading north out of the city towards highway 5

Some houses even extend on to the unused tracks

More intercity rail

Old trains parked behind the rail station in Phnom Penh

View from behind the train station looking east

Old train cars in the yard behind the railway station

Present condition of abandoned railway station

Work around some old rail cars

Work on the tracks near the PP railway station

A look behind the PP railway station from Boeng Kak lake

Old rail sheds north of Russian Blvd.

Old piled up rail cars

Old piled up rail cars

Old rail shed north of Russian Blvd near Boeng Kak lake

New entrance to Boeng Kak lake from Russian Blvd over the tracks

New entrance to Boeng Kak lake from Russian Blvd over the tracks

Behind the PP railway station

Graffiti on the old rail cars