A Quieter Life

Nothing happening here construction-wise but here are some recent pics.

Commercial Area (looks really quiet)

From dancing roundabout

Quiet burb houses

Golf course


Out a front window

Across the lake

Not So Ambitious Anymore

Maybe it was the global recession? Whatever it was, Phnom Penh Grand International City isn’t really living up to its name. The glorious entrance way and roundabout are a bit much for what has become a glorified golf course. It looks like plans for the international city part of the project are on hold. The golf course seems quite popular and maybe a few of the houses have sold, but no new construction is going on. The disadvantage of waiting in Cambodia is the wear and tear from the elements that start to make the new city look old within a couple years. Already the main roads and buildings are starting to show age.

Nice golf course (essentially all the great city has to offer at the moment)

Houses now for rent instead of sale…

The dancers roundabout quite oxidized now

Entrance road already starting to decay.


I was driving from the airport to central Hanoi when I noticed the exact arch that is at the entrance of PP grand international city. I don’t know which was built first but as things go, it is highly likely (99.99%) that Cambodia copied. Seriously, it is the same size, same everything. At least the text was changed from Vietnamese to Khmer/English. Ha!

Hanoi Arch

Phnom Penh Arch

Open… for golfing

Construction continues on residences but nothing is more impressive than the entrance gate yet. I can say with some confidence that no one is living here yet but aside from that, you can come for golfing, driving range, or lakeside restaurant. These three activities hardly warrent moving in yet as the finished commercial buildings are not in use.

The part about golfing is acurate so far. The rest is a little preemptive.

First look entering the city from the east

As mentioned, the gate is still the most impressing after the first few years of development.

Gate with commercial area on the right

That arch gate again

Artistic roundabout

This isn’t Thailand… stay on the right ok?

Main road of showhomes

With that price tag, you really should know what’s on the inside of the nicely painted exterior.

People out on the golf course


I really wonder about the water bill for this place (boulevards and golf course)

Discover your future home. I’ll pass for now.

Driving range (make sure to look for the splash)

More residences under construction

Northern-most residences

Building and finished

Again, you have to wonder about the quality under that nice paint.

The line of development. Seriously, the road continues into a poor slum.

Golf course from the north

That line between agriculture and international city again.

More residences

From the north

Visiting the new progress

Things are starting to take shape. I love how they start with the supporting infrastructure before building anything that useful (gates, paved roads, arches, statues). Showhomes are now finished – why not go take a tour yourself? Houses priced about $250,000 to $500,000.

Schmoozing with security

Where the old trail from nearby slums meets the new construction line

Nice streets but nowhere to go yet!

Retail space under construction

Retail space

Lake and housing

Road from highway 5 still needs some work

First street of show homes


Here is some of the planning for Phnom Penh International City which is just north of Phnom Penh near highway 5.

Self sufficient – won’t ever need to go to the ‘old’ city after this is done!

A model of the project can be seen on site.

Residential Towers

Water Park

Small Commercial Area