A floor every couple months

The project is obviously having some trouble with only a couple new floors on the east building over the last 6 months. The 999 company has started building Moscow city on 271 near the Soviet hospital. Perhaps the grass is greener over there? Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have a condo and office space near the stinky river.

View from stinky river

View from west side

View of building on the west side of the construction zone

View from the east

Building on the east side (slow going)

View from the north

View from the north

Ready to move in?

Half the project looks ready to open. While I don’t see any connection to ‘foods’ yet, it does look like residential property and office space is on offer.

First building (west side) looks almost ready for business

Second building going up (east side)

Looking at first building from the west

Second building going up (east side)

View from the east (both buildings)

View from the north

View of the 2nd building (east side) construction

Some progress

Paint is starting to go onto the first structure and the second structure gets a few new floors.

Looking east toward the first structure.

Looking up at the first building from the centre of the project

First few floors of the second structure

First few floors of the second structure

Looking west across the project with the second building in front just started and the first at the back right.

Slowely but steady

Meanchay foods which I monitor quite closely from my rooftop looks pretty stalled.. but it’s not! There is some work going on the west section and the foundation being built for the east section. Essentially though, not much new to see in the last 6 months.

View from the north

View from the south

View from the south close up

Some slow foundation work on the eastern portion of the building

Showcase model – smaller half on left (west portion) has its frame mostly complete

Frame for first building done

It looks like the structure is finished for the first building and attention is now focused on the foundation for building number 2.

Skyline view looking south

Crane Added

Not much to report here. Construction continues with floor 9 and the addition of a crane last month. The foundation is also under construction for the second and much larger portion of the project.

Skyline view from the south

foundation work for the second building

Full view of the entire construction site to date

Nearby advertisment lot

Looking up 9 floors

Boeng Tumpoan’s Mall

In the heart of Boeng Tumpoan, a strange development called Mean Chay Foods is heavily under construction. The name suggests a grocery store but the advertisments and signs everywhere suggest apartments, condos, or office space. Only time will tell for sure.

These giant billboards block the nice view of the river in Boeng Tumpoan 😉

A rendering of the final product

First shots of the construction

First shots of the construction