Progress in the Riviera area

Overview of the construction area

Entrance to the Riviera construction zone area


Buildings started in Riviera area

Some crude looking brick and mortar buildings are going up beside the construction zone… not sure what the plan is here.

Foundation work continues

Foundation work and some new buildings going up

Foundation work

Foundation work

The foundation is starting to come together.

Foundation work

Foundation work

Construction under way

A first look at the foundation construction in the Riveara area.

Foundation work

Digging down for the foundation work

First look

First look at construction area on the northeast portion of Koh Pich (Diamond Island).

Fenced area starting to go up

Fence – not so interesting but maybe this is really going to happen?

New crane going up

Riviera Plans

This is quite the project on Diamond Island. Evidently, one the designers was recently in Singapore and decided to pretty much copy the famous Marina Bay resort. Why not? It’s a ridiculously amazing building.

Location in Diamond Island

Design Concept

Design concept (at night)

Design Concept (at night)

Concept design – inside

Infinity pool (overlooking the Mekong)

Must include a theme park of course

Location in Diamond Island

Marina Bay in Singapore – any resemblance?

Marina Bay in Singapore