A little change

View at the front

View in the front gates

View from Chroy Chang Va in front of Sokha Resort

Growing outward

View out front on Diamond Island

A little progress

View from boat crossing the Mekong

View out front

Back view

On the reclaimed land north of the construction site

From the north-east shore of diamond island (behind construction site)

From the north-east shore of diamond island (behind construction site)

What it will look like eventually

View from above (from Naga World)

Starting to peak above the rest

The Riviera is almost tall enough to join the PP skyline.

Buildings in the complex

More buildings

Are these the supports for the gigantic structure?

View from the ferry (crossing the mekong)

View inside the gate

Slow but growing

This is definitely the most interesting project in PP at the moment. While progress is slow, it is definitely in full swing.

Looking across the construction site

Main Building

Looking across the construction site

Sales center finished

I guess you can now pre-purchase a residence in Phnom Penh’s future. If this think really does get built like the pictures, I’d take one!

Riviera sales office

Construction grounds

construction area

A peek through the fence

Progress in the Riviera area

Overview of the construction area

Entrance to the Riviera construction zone area

Buildings started in Riviera area

Some crude looking brick and mortar buildings are going up beside the construction zone… not sure what the plan is here.

Foundation work continues

Foundation work and some new buildings going up

Foundation work

Foundation work

The foundation is starting to come together.

Foundation work

Foundation work