Lighthouse progress

Some new pictures of the lighthouse area called “La Seine” on Diamond Island. The caption on the design couldn’t say it any better (to make you think you are in Paris) – “Feel like watching the opera with the spectacular seat in the theater, clear face of performer and great scene, we completely create and deliberate the elegant art into your place.” Who write’s these captions anyway? I have a few pointers regarding run-on sentences and comma splices, not to mention complete lack of meaning.

Lighthouse in “La Seine” area of Diamond Island

Lighthouse in “La Seine” area of Diamond Island close up

Another view of “La Seine” progress

Here’s the final plan – pretty much like being in Paris

New buildings, more land reclamation

Photo from a recent plane trip (not so clear through the window)

Diamond Gate bridge completely removed.. was there a bridge here?

Outermost road on new reclaimed land

Land reclamation on the north end

Construction in the Riviera Zone

Riviera Zone

Comparison with colonial era lighthouse outside Kampong Cham city

This is so cool – a colonial era lighthouse as seen near Kampong Cham today. Also used to have one of these at the tip of Chroy Chang Va peninsula (site of new PP Sokha resort site).

Riviera construction zone

Koh Pich city hall finished and in use

New water park open

Koh Pich is a popular wedding location – now up to tent N!

Changes changes everywhere!

There is no area of Koh Pich that is not under construction. The whole island is developing at the same time! The most notable changes in the last couple months have been:
a) land reclamation – Koh Pich is growing! It is getting so big that it is expanding east within a stones throw of Chbar Ampov area across the Monivong Bridge and North that the ferry across the Mekong is starting to go around the north tip.
b) the construction site of the big tower is visible – not the 555m, 2nd in asia that we were hoping for but the Troya tower which is depicted on all the sinage
c) the most dramatic of all is the destruction of the Diamond Gate Bridge. I guess, the history of the trampling tradegy 1.5 years ago is too much to carry forward with Koh Pich’s new image.

The riverside near Koh Pich is starting to get developed.

The huge Koh Pich city hall is coming together

Location of city hall

Finished depiction of city hall

The lake is growing towards Chbar Ampov to the east

The lake is growing towards Chbar Ampov to the east

The lake is growing towards Chbar Ampov to the east

The lake is growing towards Chbar Ampov to the east

The lake is growing towards Chbar Ampov to the east

Rubble being pushed into the water, growing Koh Pich

Rubble being pushed into the water, growing Koh Pich

Loading the rubble into boats

New dirt path around Koh Pich (used to be water!)

Land reclamation in progress

Land reclamation in progress

Land reclamation in progress with Sokha Resort in the background

Land reclamation in progress

Tower construction site

Tower construction site

Destroyed Diamond Gate bridge

Destroyed Diamond Gate bridge

Destroyed Diamond Gate bridge

Grow my island

Nothing striking about the current work on Koh Pich these days although work is happening all over the place. The most notable change is that Koh Pich is growing! Yes, land reclamation is in progress on the east shore and for good reason. Where else are they going to put the tallest tower in Phnom Penh? Sounds like sturdy ground that reclaimed land too!

Finishing touches on the new bridges

Rock being pushed into the water to ‘grow’ Koh Pich

Reclaimed land can be seen when crossing at the Naga World ferry

Are we seriously copying Singapore’s Marina Bay Resort here?

Finish bridges before water festival

There is under a month remaining until water festival 2011. As everyone remembers, 2010 water festival went down in history for the stampede that took over 300 lives. This year with record flooding and a first ever cancellation of the yearly boat races draws focus on the other activities, many of them occuring on Koh Pich. It will be interesting to see if anyone faces the ghosts of the past and goes to Koh Pich. If they are up for the challenge, there are 5 bridges to walk across onto the island. Unrelated to the stampede of course, the notorious “diamond gate bridge” has been trippled for this year’s festivities 😉

At the end of Sihanouk Blvd there nearly exists a new bridge to Koh Pich.

The other Siahnouk Blvd bridge to Koh Pich.

New building across the (headless) swan bridge

New building across the (headless) swan bridge

Northeastern tip of Koh Pich is a popular place to watch this year’s flooding

Diamond gate bridge with 2 new ones beside it.

The road leading from the northmost bridge currently ends in the river.

Paving the northmost new bridge

Sihanouk Blvd bridge with diamond gate bride on the left and nagaworld in the background

Carving naga heads on the spot for the 2 new Sihanouk Blvd bridges

Flooding took out the nice manicured bush beside the new bridge already

A view at the two new northern bridges from diamond gate bridge

Diamond gate bridge stampede monument being erected

Bridge work, housing construction

Diamond island continues to develop rapidly with new buildings popping up everywhere and now 5 bridges almost constructed to an island. Fortunately at the moment, it actually looks like an island as well, since the water level is so high.

Northmost bridge of 5 (extension of Sihanouk Blvd)

2nd bridge from the north (twin of the first, extension of Sihanouk Blvd). The infamous Diamond Gate bridge on the right.

Northmost bridge again from a different angle

2nd bridge again from a different angle (Diamond Gate Bridge in the background)

New building just across the Swan Bridge (still missing it’s head btw)

Elite Town progress

Elite Town progress

Elite Town progress

A new water tower at the south side of Elite Town

Approaching the new ‘Rainbow Bridge’

Towards Rainbow Bridge (who named this anyway? and for what reason?)

Rainbow Bridge (Rose Condos in the background)

The new Rainbow Bridge from the side (just opened last month)


It’s all about bridges these days at diamond island. Funny as Koh Pich isn’t even much of an island at the moment. Maybe the sight of so many bridges (5 planned in total now) will give the appearance of the island like nature of the area. When these bridges are done, make sure to dig a river underneath again ok?

Southmost bridge getting there

Bridge over.. what?

From Diamond island with Rose Condominiums in the background

The swan bridge is still headless but has mysteriously gone green!

What is up with this bridge? I preferred the yellow colour myself

As if 3 bridges wasn’t enough.. here are the two new bridges extending Sihanouk Blvd onto diamond island.