Popular subdivision

Still lacking the proper amenities of the less elite city neighborhoods, local businessman Peng Huoth’s Grand Star Platinum oasis just off of Highway 1 after crossing the Monivong bridge is a buzz of activity with many of the completed properties already filled. This could be due to the close proximity to Phnom Penh which some of the other ‘satellite cities’ lack.

Can’t miss the entrance!

The end of the strip, heading into the surrounding marshland (which is quickly ‘drying’ up)

Lots of villas under construction

End of the strip

A new subdivision wing starting construction

More houses under construction ($80,000-$600,000 retail)

Each wing has a name like ‘Herminus or Mercurean

Each wing has a name like ‘Herminus or Mercurean

Finished road (the main strip)

Finished road (the main strip)

Finishing touches on a new subdivision

Finished subdivision

Athina subdivision

Approaching highway 1 from the main strip

Approaching highway 1 and the entrance gate from the main strip

Popular new elite subdivision

Another sort of satellite city not far from Monivong Bridge just past Chroy Chang Va on Highway 1.

Entrance to a new subdivision

New subdivision

Entrance to the new city

Entrance to a new subdivision

View from Highway 1

Inside a new subdivision

A new subdivision finishing touches

Definitely suitable for SUV families

Labourers for some finishing touches

Kids play parks

Entrance to the city

Fountain near the entrance

Designs for a new satellite city

Entrance to the city

One of the smaller houses available

Typical residences

It’s always more fun in these new subdivisions

I’m guessing one of the more pricier properties