When the scaffolding rusts and the cranes come down, it’s not a good sign

view from Olympic Stadium

View from Sihanouk Blvd

View from Sihanouk Blvd

View while driving north on Monivong Blvd.

Is GT42 starting again!?!?

Today, I saw a crane lifting something and some have pointed out a freshly painted green fence. Is the project started again?!?

Crane on GT42 lifting something (first time in a couple years!)

A year and a half and counting

GT42 has sat idle for a year and a half now as the rest of the city grows up around it. The dream of being the first skyscraper is over. There is still time to be the tallest if the project resumes and reaches 42 floors, but the months quickly pass by.

View from atop Phnom Penh tower

Kid City concept which will snug up against the GT42 frame

haulted at 31

With only a couple floors to go to claim the title of Cambodia’s tallest building, Gold Tower 42 construction has haulted. Rumours have been circulating that they plan to cut back for one reason or another. With the number of floors so embedded into the name of the building, it should be hard to justify anything else!

Gold Tower 42 with Phnom Penh tower in the foreground

View while driving south on Monivong

View while driving south on Monivong

Front View

View from the post office on Sihanouk

Close up from corner of Sihanouk and Monivong

View from higher up

Start of Construction

The first few floors of the mighty Gold Tower 42 are just under construction after nearly a year on the foundation. Probably won’t be the first skyscraper anymore because Canadia tower has progressed much faster.

view from Canadia Tower

Foundation work

working on the first couple floors

close up to the construction

floor 7 and counting…

Golden Plans

The most talked about development in all of Phnom Penh. Firstly, you can’t miss it at the corner of Sihanouk and Monivong. Also, it’s GOLD!!! Asia + Gold = something to talk about.

A little embellished I’m sure but nice optimism

Everyone wants a touch

Even the construction barrier is impressive

Yes, it will be this tall compared to the city

Pretty much the only thing worth looking at on the map

If only the areas around the tower looked this pristine