Stuck or not

If any construction is happening on deCastle Royal, it has ground to a snail’s pace. Only time will tell before we see if this project joins the ranks of ‘stalled projects’ such as it’s big brother GT42 next door.

View from west and up high


floor 25 under construction

Getting more and more prominant every month now. Working above floor 24 now.

View from south Monivong

View from Monivong

View from BKK area (east)

View from north Monivong

DeCastle Royal visible now from Boeng Kak lake along with GT42 and Phnom Penh tower

View looking north from PP south end of the city

Working 20+

deCastle Royal gains ever more ground on Gold Tower 42. When finished, assuming Gold Tower 42 remains stalled, the towers will be about the same height. At the moment they are constructing above the 20th floor.

View from Monivong

Looking up on the north side

Skyline from the Southwest – some random green building also on the scene this month.

New on the skyline

De Castle Royal has entered the skyline as it creeps upward. Now it is easy from most high places in the city to monitor what’s going on.

Skyline looking from the city south

Nestled in BKK1 off of Monivong street and not far from Sihanouk intersection

Looking up as work begins on the double digit floors

View from Monivong Street

A third done

Slowely but surely, De Castle Royal is visible over the surrounding buildings

Look up from the street

Looking up from the street

Looking up from the street

View of structure with Golden Tower 42 looming behind

View from above

Construction Update

The De Castle website is pretty good for updating it’s own construction photos. Here are some:

At the construction site

Starting the main pillars

More at the construction site

Adding a new floor

More work inside

Will have a nice reception area I’m sure

Initial design

Here are some of the advertizements for this apartment complex on St. 288 BKK1.

Don’t pay too much attention to the opening day 😉

It will be a big disappointment when the tower doesn’t stand out this much.

Standing all tall and majestic