Finishing touches to the top

Driving north on Monivong

Driving north on Monivong

View from up top olympic stadium

Almost finished outside now

View from BKK

Looking up

View from Monivong and St. 310

Finishing Touches

Looking up on the east side

Further from the east side

View from Sihanouk Rd east


It looks like the concrete structure is complete now and some exterior painting is under way.

View from BKK 1

View driving north on Monivong

Looking up on the east side

Looking up on the west side


De Castle Royal has finally topped out (at the height of the abandoned Gold Tower 42).

View from Olympic Stadium

View looking west from Sihanouk (GT42 beside, same height)

View looking west from BKK

View from the south-east driving up Monivong

Not quite topped out

This project is really slow compared to others… they have only constructed a couple new floors in the last year and the project hasn’t quite topped out (when it does it will be the same height as Gold Tower 42 currently is).

View from BKK area

View from Olympic Stadium (with Gold Tower 42 beside)

Driving north on Monivong

Looking west down street 288 from BKK towards tower

Driving north on Monivong

Looking east towards riverside from Monivong Blvd.

View from Sihanouk Blvd.

View from north on Monivong

Almost topped

De Castle Royal has almost reached it’s maximum height which coincidentally is the same number of floors as Gold Tower 42 stalled right beside. Apparently the finishing date is set for March 2013.

View from Mekong View Tower

View from Olympic Stadium

View from the east

View from the west on Monivong Blvd

View from Monivong/Sihanouk Blvd intersection