bye bye billboards

It is quite funny to follow the billboard controvercy across from the PP riverside. First it was their erection around water festival (Nov) and those behind the signs angry at their restricted view. Now a sizable storm in May knocked over the billboards and there has been talk that they will not be put up again. Good ridance!

Crushing a parked car

Billboard destruction


Chroy Chang Va City

Yes! Phnom Penh’s latest satellite city. We definitely need more of these!

Just north of Japanese Friendship bridge, hugging the Tonle Sap

Looking south over the development towards Phnom Penh

CCV Riverside Facelift

The Chroy Chang Va riverside is finally getting a facelift. As Phnom Penh expands, this undeveloped peninsula is slowely getting more attention. Sokha Resort Phnom Penh plans to take care of the south 1000m and this project will take care of the rest up to the Japanese Friendship bridge.

Current river bank

Current riverside walkway (a little neglected)

New plans for the riverbank

Area of Construction

Renders of the new idea

Some sort of sidewalk superhighway?