The other riverside

The bank on the new riverside across from Phnom Penh on Chroy Chang Va is nearly complete. The twinning of the Japanese bridge should be done too this year. Does that mean a new riverside will spring up?

View of East bank riverside (Chroy chang va) from Japanese Friendship bridge

View of the supported embankment

Dry season and Tonle Sap is low. A good place to dig for filler.

Riverside improvement

View from Japanese friendship bridge

View on the riverside

View on the riverside

Something new to fill in

On the Chroy Chang Va peninsula east of highway 6 they have been filling in the swamp area with sand for the last year. This is the area of the Chroy Chang Va Satellite City project, if indeed this is still the plan for the area.

Filling in with sand

Filling in with sand

View from last February when nothing was happening. The area where they are filling in sand is further south than can be seen in the picture.

What the project is going to look like (in 20 years I bet)

The south end of the peninsula (at the beginning of 2013)

Riverbank Update

After the waters receded in the Tonle Sap river, work began on the chroy chang va riverbank again. Progress continues and I bet they’ll have it done before rainy season.

View from Japanese Friendship Bridge

View along riverbank

Bank restoration

As part of the Sokha Resort project, the Chroy Chang Va riverside is being restored. Although the construction is paused at the moment for high water levels, a huge section of the riverside has been finished and looks quite similar to the opposite side (PP main riverside).

View from Japanese friendship bridge (this portion not restored yet)

Next section to be worked on

Completed riverbank all the way to Sokha Resort

View of job still to be done

Completed bank

Completed riverbank

Completed riverbank at the tip of the peninsula

Bank Work

Work is moving fast on restoration of the riverbank across from PP riverside.

Supports on the riverbank in front of Sokha Resort

Concrete poured on the riverbank in front of Sokha Resort

Riverside reinforcement assembled

Riverside facelift

The facelift of the Chroy Chang Va (peninsula) side of Phnom Penh is coming along nicely with projection to finish by the end of the year. From the Japanese Friendship Bridge all the way to the under construction Sokha Resort, the riverside is being completely restored. Most recently, they have erected a wall and evicted some small boat dwelling communities.

View from Japanese Bridge

Behind the construction wall

Behind the construction wall

Embankmaent type 1 (for a portion of the riverside)

Embankmaent type 3 (for a portion of the riverside)

Main Chroy Chang Va road (now sort of a tunnel)

bye bye billboards

It is quite funny to follow the billboard controvercy across from the PP riverside. First it was their erection around water festival (Nov) and those behind the signs angry at their restricted view. Now a sizable storm in May knocked over the billboards and there has been talk that they will not be put up again. Good ridance!

Crushing a parked car

Billboard destruction

Chroy Chang Va City

Yes! Phnom Penh’s latest satellite city. We definitely need more of these!

Just north of Japanese Friendship bridge, hugging the Tonle Sap

Looking south over the development towards Phnom Penh

CCV Riverside Facelift

The Chroy Chang Va riverside is finally getting a facelift. As Phnom Penh expands, this undeveloped peninsula is slowely getting more attention. Sokha Resort Phnom Penh plans to take care of the south 1000m and this project will take care of the rest up to the Japanese Friendship bridge.

Current river bank

Current riverside walkway (a little neglected)

New plans for the riverbank

Area of Construction

Renders of the new idea

Some sort of sidewalk superhighway?