Looking lonely

Camko still looks stalled – phase 2 stands unfinished. Lonely fields surround the completed portion of the project.

View from the north

Some nice pics

Nothing happening here but here are some recent pics.

View from the north

View of the first phase

View from one of the towers

Residences with towers of first phase in the background

First phase towers

Inner road

Seems like some are living here…

Still stalled

Although there is nothing new happening at Camko and the first phase isn’t even complete, there are some dirt roads outlining the 2nd phase area.

The end of phase 1 towards phase 2

Dirt roads around phase 2

In phase 2 looking towards phase 1

Looking towards phase 1

Any takers?

Camko City is generally in a lot of trouble. High level investors are in Korean jail and the project is suspended indefinitely. Half the first phase is hanging undone but the other half seems pretty much complete. There are a few workers painting at the moment, some guards on duty, and even some occupied residences. For the most part, even the completed apartments are empty – any takers? Maybe too expensive.

View from the northeast (on the new road to Borey Angkor)

View from the northeast (on the new road to Borey Angkor)

Recent Camko City shot from the air

Road heading northwest out of Camko has been paved (leading to new Borey Angkor development)

Open to public

The finished areas of Camko city are largely open to public scrutiny now. The Camko roads can be driven up to the various areas of the project. There are advertisements for the residences and towers but it looks like the new 6 finished towers are still empty. 5 more towers are getting closer to completion. None of the commercial area has been developed yet.

One of the many entrances

View from the north

Largely surrounded by fields or marsh area

Pretty ambitious with the street lights

5 new towers under construction

Advertisement for residence only in Korean… what does this mean??

New towers in front of those being constructed

View of the newly constructed 6 residential towers

5 new towers under construction

New tower parking lot

Here’s what phase 1 is supposed to look like when finished (almost there)

Here’s what phase 1 is supposed to look like when finished (almost there)

Progressing fast now

After some slowdown in 2009, Camko city is racing ahead again. The first 6 residential towers just got a coat of paint and 5 more are under construction. In between, several residences are already finished.

View from the south

Single tower

New Towers

Minor Setback

Camko construction has slowed down quite a bit in the recession. I heard they might scale back some of the plan. 3 words – don’t. cut. monorail.

Welcome to another ‘international’ city on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. We need more of these right?

First set of apartment towers under construction

Residences in the middle of the towers

Conceptual Drawings

The full master plan

Advertizement poster