Quite a bit of progress

New mansion going up

Bridge heading to second area of the development

Welcome sign

Gate to the main area

New street of homes

weird looking fountain

Quite a few new structures

Some new houses across the river

Some new houses across the river

Down the main road

New entrance construction

Across the lake

Looking towards Phnom Penh (Camko city on left)

Along the main road again

Out past Camko

Out past Camko city is a new project going up called Borey Angkor. There are a couple towers and a bunch of residences.

Project plans

Some of the new residences going up

More residences being constructed

Looking (east) down the main street

Looking (east) down the main street

The part of the project on the south side of the canal

Bridge construction across the canal

More construction on the main road

Looking out the main entrance with Camko city in the background

Recent shot from a plane of the site. It’s at the end of the road (road starts in Camko).

Closeup of the construction (aerial shot)