Back in action perhaps

After months of inactivity, it looks like Boeng Kak has some action. Some money at least must be flowing.

New road being constructed

New mosque in the background

Gates opened, security inside at the office

Roadwork up the middle of the project

New road with Canadia + Vatanac towers in background

Another new road

Construction vehicles massing

New wall on the left of the ring road to separate the slums

Exit (now through the wall) into Tuol Kork

North past Tuol Kork entrance walled off

Still nothing happening

Boeng Kak is still a wasteland but maybe more of a scrubland now. This is really sad. First kick everyone off the land and then abandon the project.

Scrubland with Vatanac tower seen in the background

Barren scrubland

End of the line

New mosque going up on the east side of the “lake”


Boeng Kak lake is completely quiet. Nothing is happening and the place is getting completely grown over.

Dredger that filled the lake in with sand is sitting idle at the tip of Chroy Chang Va peninsula

Signs taken town or damaged by weather

Plants taking over the newly filled in lake

Plants taking over the newly filled in lake


Boeng Kak really looks abandoned these days. So much for evicting everyone so fast and forcefully. There is absolutely no work going on – only construction of a new mosque (in place of the old one) on the east side.

Recent aerial shot of the filled in lake

Idle cranes and grasses starting to grow

New mosque plans

New mosque progress

Sandy wasteland prime real estate

Filled in lake with Vatanak and Canadia tower in the background

A wall around… nothing!

A wall is now complete around a portion of the lake. For the most part, there is nothing inside and not a lot happening. On the northwest side of the lake there is a nice warehouse/residence facility. Trucks are starting to congregate in the middle of the lake which could be the first steps in development. According to the new project billboards, there is a long way to go.

Entrance from Tuol Kork (new wall straight ahead)

Drving north along the wall

Northern end of the wall and construction warehouse/residence area.

Makeshift volleyball court on the lake

A peek inside the warehouse/residence complex

Along the south side of the warehouse complex

Northern end of the wall

Colourful school on the west side of the lake

Wall on the south end of the lake

Most boring job ever… guarding the entrance to the middle of the lake where nothing exists

Development billboard on lake

Development billboard # 2 now displayed on lake

Trucks starting to congregate in the middle of the lake

Mosque gone, more houses demolished

The night of sept. 16 was a long one for 10 families around Boeng Kak lake (just north of the backpacker area). Excavators demolished homes well into the night with corresponding violent backlash from homeowners. This happens just after some residents were awarded 12.5 hectares of land after the World Bank froze future loans to Cambodia unless something was resolved.

Other observations include a new wall being built around the lake (maybe making it inaccessable during upcoming construction?) and the landmark Mosque on the east side of the lake (at the entrance to the backpacker area is GONE!!)

From inside the wall looking south towards the city.

Looking south down a new road towards Russian Blvd.

New wall around the lake being constructed

Out of place boat on the lake

Mosque compound with new blue warehouse recently constructed

Out of place boat on the lake with our favourite skyscrapers in the background

Final steps of demolition in the mosque compound

Residents gather around their homes after they were destroyed on the night of Sept. 16 2011

Homeless residents gather around the demolition site where their homes were standing just yesterday

Residents from the east side of Boeng Kak witness the morning after carnage that was their homes

New road plans

After the first road connects Tuol Kork to Monivong Blvd, now a complete plan of new roads crisscrossing Boeng Kak lake are released. While it will alleviate some traffic concerns, it’s safe to say that the fight to preserve the lake is pretty much history.

Likely just a dream conceptualisation of the new community

New road network across Boeng Kak

Most recent concept photo