Big empty hole

Driving towards the site on 271

Promotional posters outside

Sales office

Big empty hole so far

View from Monireth outside Olympic Stadium main gates

View just inside olympic stadium main gates

View of east end of the construction site from up on the stadium

Middle of the construction site

Largest building so far in the construction site

Buildings along the outside of the construction site (around the north end of olympic stadium area)

A peek inside the front gates to the construction site

Depiction of what’s to come on the walls of the construction site on Monireth Blvd.

View looking up on Monireth

Depiction of what’s to come on the walls of the construction site on Monireth Blvd.

New underpass work

Finished ramp approaching the intersection from the south on 271

Finished ramp approaching the intersection from the north on Monireth Blvd.

View of 271 south ramp from north on Monireth.

View looking west over the intersection

View driving west on 271 through project

Looking east across the construction site

Sunken underpass road which will go under Monireth (turning from south Monireth onto 271 north)

Ramp on 271 north

Overpasses meeting in the middle

Ramp joining Monireth

While driving north through the intersection on Monireth you can see underpass work to the left

A few more floors each

Although two separate projects (Toyoko Inn and Bali Scenery residences), they started about the same time and it seems a race who will top out first.

View from the middle of Diamond Island

View from Swan Bridge

View in front of Toyoko tower (bali scenery behind) at entrance to Diamond Island

Bali Scenery (the tower losing the race 🙂

Looking up Toyoko

View from the west side

View from Diamond Island

View from riverside near the back of Aeon mall

View from the south

View from the south

View from the west

The other riverside

The bank on the new riverside across from Phnom Penh on Chroy Chang Va is nearly complete. The twinning of the Japanese bridge should be done too this year. Does that mean a new riverside will spring up?

View of East bank riverside (Chroy chang va) from Japanese Friendship bridge

View of the supported embankment

Dry season and Tonle Sap is low. A good place to dig for filler.

Developments on the Island

Canadian International School construction near rainbow bridge

A foundation hole east of Elite Town

Land reclamation on the east bank

Another foundation hole near Elite City

Area south of Riviera Project

View north of La Seine area

Digging out the pitiful river between PP and Diamond Island

Looking into La Seine from the north

La Seine clock tower facing PP riverside

New Korean embassy being built on Diamond Island

A little change

View at the front

View in the front gates

View from Chroy Chang Va in front of Sokha Resort