Another 6 months

A couple years into the project, the bridge continues to go up. What huge pillars coming out of the river!

View from ferry crossing (south of site)

Close up of west bank

West side of the river, bridge ramping up

View from the north (west bank ramp)

Looking from west bank across the bridge construction site

Looking from west bank across the bridge construction site

Pillars ramping up on the west bank

Pillars in view behind the town on the west bank

Another view from the ferry crossing

Closeup from ferry crossing

Ramp on the west side

Close up of pillar construction

Recent feature in PP Post

Another close up seen from ferry crossing

mid-2013 progress

View from west bank

Ramp on the west bank

It’s happening

I can confirm that construction on the bridge is happening. Today I crossed the ferry at Neak Loeung and construction can be seen to the north of the ferry area. The pictures below aren’t great (from the ferry) but enough to see the initial work.

View of the cranes on the Kandal (west) side of the Mekong

Two floating cranes likely working on the foundations

A closer view of the cranes on the Kandal (west) side

Foundation work

Suspension Bridge!

Cambodia’s first plans to deviate from the standard Chinese or Japanese built bridge. We want one like London, the people scream. I’ll have to see this one myself!

Ferry terminal as it stands today

Ferrys crossing at Neak Loeung

Design concept

More concept pictures

Another news screen capture

Screen capture from news

Areal view. Not sure if that island is really there.