Not too much action

It’s safe to say it’ll be a few years before anyone’s enjoying Snake Island. Apparently there’s an unfinished ring road but not too many of the $1mil houses are being sold.

View past the island from ferry on the way to Koh Rong

View past the island from ferry on the way to Koh Rong

Nice view of the bridge at sunset

Recent view of the bridge

That awesome design again, recently presented in PP post

Condos on the Island

As seen from Treasure Island restaurant area, residences are starting to go up on the island. The bridge is closed to the public so a closer view isn’t possible unless you want to venture out on the sea.

Bridge view from Treasure Island

Residences on the island taking shape

Bridge view from Independence Hotel

Inauguration Bridge Walk

We joined hundreds of S’ville residents and bridge enthusiasts to take the first walk across the newly finished Techo Marikot bridge to Koh Puos. The most noticable aspect of the walk is the absolute absence of any development on the island! Aside from a nice new fishing location, it is quite mindblowing to imagine where a similar bridge could have been better used – think bridge over the Mekong to Vietnam??

View from Victory Beach

Start of the bridge on the S’ville side

Walking up the bridge

Down the bridge towards Koh Puos

Sign at foot of the bridge

View north from the bridge

Construction bridge still exists down below

Fishing from the bridge

Finishing touches on the tall support pillars

View towards mainland with Independance Hotel in view

View from Victory Beach

View north of the bridge


The dreamy moment for all bridge construction workers – the two halves are coming together!

View from the north

Ending 2010

Here’s an update at the end of 2010:

View from the south

View from the north

View looking south from Emario Shonan Resort

Close Up

Bridge needed first

A tall and impressive bridge is the first step to island development:

From the Snake Island side

View from the north

As it looks today

Some pictures of how Snake Island looks today before construction:

Arriving by boat