Lower station

View of the lower station while driving past on chinese road

View of the lower station while driving past on chinese road

View of the lower station while driving past on chinese road

Construction Finished

The lower Russei Chrum dam is finished now although it may still be a few months until full electrical connection and commissioning. The hydro project is located approximately 10km north of Koh Kong city and consists of two dams separated by 8km. The plant’s upper station (206MW) was put into operation in 2013 and features a 124m concrete faced rockfill dam. The lower portion of the station (132MW) has a 59m roller-compacted concrete gravity dam.

As of Dec 13, 2013 the dam had just started to impound water (fill its reservoir). Construction originally began in April 2010 by the Chinese state owned Huadian Corp. with an investment of 558 million US dollars. Similar to other Cambodia dam projects, Lower Russei Chrum is under a 30 year BOT contract.

All other information about the dam has been quite secretive.

Depiction of the final product (upper station)

Another artist rendering (lower station)

Apparently a shot of the river closure site

New Island Development

I guess this is going to happen eventually but I hope some of the islands off S’ville stay untouched.

Plan for the island

Depiction of the middle section marina

A real ugly looking hotel. Seriously, on an island? haha And really, i’d like to see you get an SUV out there

um, this is a pretty tiny island

Location map. South-west of Koh Rong.

How about we leave it like this?

Under construction

Not too much action

It’s safe to say it’ll be a few years before anyone’s enjoying Snake Island. Apparently there’s an unfinished ring road but not too many of the $1mil houses are being sold.

View past the island from ferry on the way to Koh Rong

View past the island from ferry on the way to Koh Rong

Nice view of the bridge at sunset

Recent view of the bridge

That awesome design again, recently presented in PP post

Another 6 months

A couple years into the project, the bridge continues to go up. What huge pillars coming out of the river!

View from ferry crossing (south of site)

Close up of west bank

West side of the river, bridge ramping up

View from the north (west bank ramp)

Looking from west bank across the bridge construction site

Looking from west bank across the bridge construction site

Pillars ramping up on the west bank

Pillars in view behind the town on the west bank

Another view from the ferry crossing

Closeup from ferry crossing

Ramp on the west side

Close up of pillar construction

Recent feature in PP Post

Another close up seen from ferry crossing

Condos on the Island

As seen from Treasure Island restaurant area, residences are starting to go up on the island. The bridge is closed to the public so a closer view isn’t possible unless you want to venture out on the sea.

Bridge view from Treasure Island

Residences on the island taking shape

Bridge view from Independence Hotel

mid-2013 progress

View from west bank

Ramp on the west bank

Cambodia’s Fourth Mekong Bridge

A new 1731-meter bridge is being constructed along with a 144km road to link Stung Treng to Tbeang Meanchey (Preah Vihear capital city).

Bridge Design

First pillars

Another depiction

Still progressing rapidly

There are rapid changes happening all the time up Bokor Mountain. The road from the visitor’s center to the waterfall is finished. There is a new canteen food court type establishment at the top of the waterfall. The waterfall is still nice but the whole area is completely ugly at the moment. Aside from the canteen, there has been mass clear-cutting off all the trees in the area to make way for what looks like a bunch of new residences.

Workers have vacated the old Bokor Palace Hotel and now the structure stands as it always has but with a new grey coating plastered on every surface. Even the nice old tile was covered so that only a boring grey shell remains.

There is a massive new paved loop from the Thansur Bokor Casino all the way to the waterfall. At the moment there is nothing to see but forest (which is nice).

There is new construction of a low cost hotel not far from the old Pagoda. The employees of Thansur say that there will be 600 rooms with some as low as $15 (more for gambling, I guess the plan is).

Driving up towards the female sitting Buddha (new parking area in front)

Front of the sitting Buddha (forgetting the the Black Palace across the road)

Driving up the new ramp to the foot of the Buddha

In front of the Buddha

Ribs of a new warehouse looking hotel going up (who designs these things?)

Always packed at Thansur with more minivans these days than Lexus’

New building going up beside Thansur

New residences being built behind Thansur

New residences going up behind Thansur

New residences going up behind Thansur Bokor

The old church lost in a maze of new roads and buildings

West side of Thansur

Closer view of the new hotel “ribs”

Closer view of the new hotel “ribs”

Closer view of the new hotel “ribs”

Approaching Thansur Bokor from the Back

Road behind Thansur Bokor Casino

It’s all over folks; Happyland is here

Yes, this is what Bokor National Park has become…

Wide open road looping from Thansur around to Popokvil waterfall

Clear cutting around Popokvil waterfall

Popokvil waterfall area with canteen in the background

New canteen building above the Popokvil waterfall

The end of the road past Popokvil – wall of trees

East side of Bokor Palace Hotel

Main room in Bokor Palace Hotel

View from up top Bokor Palace Hotel

View of refurbished upper west wing

Front of refurbished Bokor Palace Hotel

Front door of Bokor Palace Hotel

View from the west

Refurbishing the ranger station

Satellite view of the current progress