Getting Hairy

Yellow tower is changing it’s appearance with a new hairstyle. The vines on this building are really amazing. Nice eco shading I might add.

Vines growing up the sides of Yellow Tower


Yellow tower is done. Probably has been for a while…

View from Mekong View Tower

View from PP riverside

Creeping to a finish

Yellow tower must have a low construstion budget. It looks like just a few people doing everything by hand…slowely.

View from Chroy Chang Va riverside looking east

View from road

View from road

Front view

View from road out front

View from Chroy Chang Va Riverside

View from PP riverside

View from PP riverside

View from Mekong View Tower

Slow… but painted!

Yellow tower must be on a low budget.. every month a tiny little bit

Yellow tower as seen from Phnom Penh riverside. Hopefully it doesn’t get a huge billboard infront of it as is popular these days;)

During painting process

Slow Progression

In over a year since I last looked close at this building, not much as been accomplished. Having said that, there is a bit of change so it looks like the project is still going ahead.

View from road to the north

View from the road to the south

View from direct south in an abandoned lot

View from Chroy Chang Va riverside

Khlimb the Penh

This month’s Khlimb the Penh happened to be at Yellow Tower. There was a little construction going on inside but largely the project was pretty frozen. Has the project stalled? Khlimb the Penh involves installing rock climbing sheets and abseiling ropes on construction sites around Phnom Penh.

Climbing up Yellow Tower

View from the road

The view from on top of the construction site

View from the road

The start

Planning for the Yellow Tower on Chroy Chang Va peninsula across from Phnom Penh

Conceptual drawing for the project