First trip to Prey Veng

Time to try out the new bridge. Looks nice. And only 3 hours (by moto) from Phnom Penh to visit friends in Prey Veng district capital.

Parking for a view

We’re not the only ones

Faster Bridge to Prey Veng

This bridge is the second in Cambodia built to span the Mekong (the other is in Kampong Cham). The bridge is located about 40km north of Phnom Penh on highway 6. It provides a faster way to get to Prey Veng province from Phnom Penh for the time being. In addition to the bridge completion, most of the road towards Prey Veng was completed as well. The pictures come from the construction company’s (Planning & Research Consultants) website

Constructing the ramp


New road to Prey Veng

Main beam supports

Crossing the road

Bridge work near highway 6