March Grand Opening

Although the hotel has been open for business for a couple of months, we’ll say the grand opening on March 31, 2011 marks the official completion since some serious landscaping has been going on. The hotel is looking pretty good now and time will tell how competitive it is with the other similar hotels nearby.

View from the parking area

View from Diamond Island

View from parking area

Finishing touches

The hotel seems pretty finished from the outside now. They are doing a lot of work in the areas around the building now.

View from north near Diamond Island

South view from riverside

North view from the riverside

North view with Rose Condominium construction in the background

End of Scaffolding

Just putting on the finishing touches before lowering the scaffolding

View from riverside

Growing every month

Here is an update on the hotel. All the floors are almost complete now.

View from riverside

View from south

Original Ad

Here is the advertizement for the new Sofitel Phokeethra Hotel to be built between Sotharos Blvd. and the riverside. It will between Rose Condominiums and the International Finance Complex.

Sign posted near future construction site