Occupancy Issue

Every once in a while I drive by at night and hardly see any lights on. Either these people are energy saving fanatics, frequent travelers or there is hardly any occupancy in any of the towers.

Not many lights on

Ready to move in?

Rose Condominiums are open and ready for rental. Anyone interested?

View from diamond island

View from the side (entrance)

View from the backside

Done on the outside

The Rose Condos are looking quite done on the outside now and the cranes are down. Work seems to be going on inside now.

Driving east on Mao Tse Tung

From Sotheros

From Diamond Island (Koh Pich)

Hurry up guys

It seems the finishing touches on these towers are taking forever. Better hurry up if people are moving in by the end of the year.

View from west side road leading to Diamond Island

View from front

View from Diamond Island

finishing touches

Slowely but surely these buildings are coming together. Four months of painting continues among other finishing touches.

View while driving east on Mao Tse Toung

From Sotheros

From the northwest

From Diamond Island

Painting in progress

For a while it looked like construction stopped but now it looks like they are pushing for occupation by the end of the year. At the moment, painting is happening from top to bottom.. but the structural construction seems pretty much finished. These buildings REALLY stick out.

4 towers with a Diamond Island bridge in the foreground

View from Diamond Island

4 towers with a Diamond Island bridge in the foreground

View from Sofitel Phokeethra Hotel

Front view from Sotharos Blvd.

View while driving east on Mao Tse Tung

Structural construction finished

These are the towers seen while driving east on Mao Tse Toung. They are actually situated across from the third (southmost) bridge being constructed to Diamond Island as well as being just beside new additions to Bassac Garden City. The buildings have been constructed to maximum height now.

View of towers from Diamond Island (third bridge and bassac garden city seen in between)

View from west side

View from south

View from east with south end of diamond island on the right

View from pagoda to the west

Close up looking east

Looking from the west

View from Riverside to the north

Looking south from north tip of Diamond island towards construction with Sofitel Phokeethra in view to the left

First few floors

Rose condominiums start to be in view from Monivong + Noridom intersection

View looking west standing on riverside.

Original Design

Here are the original concept drawings of Rose Condominiums although I hear the plans have changed significantly.

Drawing angle 1

Drawing angle 2