Office for Lease

The huge offices for lease sign is a good indiacation this tower is open for business. Howerver I don’t think OCIC (Canadia) tower is filled yet after a year of vacancies, so I think there should be some cheap office real estate up for grabs.

Driving north on Monivong just before Sihanouk

Looking up from Monivong & Sihanouk intersection

Looking south down monivong with the quiet Gold Tower 42 on the left

Some finishing touches

All floors finished

The Phnom Penh tower has been structurally finished for a month or so now.

View while driving south on Monivong (Golden Tower 42 in background)

Tower view from the east

Tower view from the east

Tower view from street level (Monivong)

Plans and starting

This project is just north of the more popular and discussed, Golden Tower 42.

Tower Plans – I’m sure it will stand this prominent over the city.

Another conceptual plan from street view

First few floors under construction

First few floors under construction