Finished and Quiet

The Phnom Penh independence monument is a hub of activity but don’t expect this for 10-20 years in Kep. It’s the quietest roundabout in the whole province. Ok, well there are only 3.

View from the north.


Partial Collapse

Controversial projects better not have any complications to attract any additional media attention. This isn’t the case for Stung Atay dam which partially collapsed in early Dec 2012 leaving 4 missing and presumed dead. There are likely more than this official amount since the whole reservoir emptied but news doesn’t travel intact out of the deep jungles of Pursat.

Dam Construction

On the Dam

Looking towards the dam (reservoir side)

Looking towards the dam (intake side)

Possible damage area?


Dam Entrance

Apparent areal view after dam collapse and disaster

Looking off the dam

Looking off the dam (reservoir side)

Finally to the Dam

I finally snuck past 2 guard posts and got my first look at 3rd tier dam and reservoir of the Kamchay hydropower station. Although public access is not allowed onto the dam, a hike in the nearby hills gave me a peek of the reservoir behind. This being dry season, there is not a lot of action at the dam despite the fact that the dam has been operational for much of the last year. This is related to the recent circulating rumours that the dam hasn’t been producing up to original predictions and is essentially offline in the dry season.

Front of the dam as viewed from the dirt road on the east side of the river

Front of the dam as viewed from the dirt road on the east side of the river

Empty river in front of the dam

Abandoned gravel pit and storage area on the east bank

Gravel loading tunnels for the trucks

Abandoned gravel pit (anyone going to clean this up now?)

Abandoned gravel pits on the east bank

Abandoned construction site used in the dam construction

Other crap as you approach the dam on the east bank

A peek behind the dam at the recently flooded reservoir

Closer view of the reservoir

Another peek at the reservoir

Dam from the east bank

Front view of the dam from a small bridge at the base

Empty tuk chhu river below the dam

Gated entrance to the top of the dam wall

Recent satellite photo of the dam and reservoir

Reservoir size

What the dam looked like in rainy season 2012

Almost ready

It’s taking forever for these apartments to open but the sign out front says ‘open soon’ so that means quick, right?

View from PP riverside

View from Japanese Friendship Bridge

View just after turning down the Chroy Chang Va peninsula

Front View

Entry Arch

Not much new here in the last year. There is a new entry arch constructed but the grand opening early 2012 poster on the front was a little premature.

Front View

View of the new arch

View of the front while driving past

View of the back end which has had little attention in the last couple years

Front view from highway 6

View from behind the complex

Nearly Finished

The new independence roundabout in Kep is nearly finished. It is constructed in a very quiet area of the town. If you go north, you get to Jasmine Valley guesthouse.

View close up

Approaching view

Ready to move in?

Rose Condominiums are open and ready for rental. Anyone interested?

View from diamond island

View from the side (entrance)

View from the backside