Open and ready

The Mekong Condo tower is finished but the parking area is still sealed off. The sales office nearby is empty also but opening day seems near.

View from Japanese friendship bridge

View from the north travelling down the Mekong riverside road

A peek at the front

Welcome banner (but no one to welcome yet)

View from national highway 6

View driving north out of Phnom Penh on highway 6

View from Silk Island (Koh Dach)

Construction nearly finished

Construction in the final stages for Mekong Condo.

Almost finished

Construction presses on

The Mekong Condo tower is taking it’s final shape now.

View from highway 6 driving north out of Phnom Penh

Tower visible from road

Mekong condo towers start construction

From highway 6

Construction sign

Project sign beside construction area:

Project sign