Done – what is this for though?

The Hen Sen radio tower is finished and people are coming in and out

A look at the front

View driving south on Monivong

View from st. 271 (dyke road)

View of the front

View from south of st. 271 (dyke road) on the filled in portion of Boeng Tumpoan lake

View from Diamond Island


I have to say, now that the ball has been lowered on to its perch, it is very out of proportion. I was expecting that the ball would be much larger. All in all, design is quite comical – a giant golf ball perched on tee-shaped mosque. What exactly is the first mission of this radar tracking station anyway?

View driving towards the Monivong Bridge on 271

View from below on street 271

Painted now

The tower is painted and looks much better than the plans. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope I drive by when they lower the crystal ball onto the perch.

From the dyke road (st 271)

From (the filled in portion of) Boeng Tumpoan Lake

The tower close up

A (bad) picture to make it 4

Weird Tower

This strange tower looming above the skyline in south-east Phnom Penh is apparently the Hen Sen Radar Tower. When the glass ball gets put on top, this will really be an odd structure to drive by. Don’t they usually place these things outside the city or at the airport?

Here’s what the finish product’s supposed to look like

The tower is above the skyline now. Really looks strange.

Another view, this time from the Monivong Bridge