Done and fancy looking

This project kicked into high gear and is essentially finished externally. It went from green mesh covered worksite to fancy looking building in no time. I essentially missed the inbetween stages it went so fast. Kudos on the nice looking, artsy design.

Looking south on st. 51

Front doors

Looking up from the base

Looking east towards the tower

Advertisement Poster

Nice looking plans for the roof

Floors finished

The final floors of the building’s structure are complete. Now we wait for the finishing touches and removal of the green mesh.

Future location of the front door

View of the whole building

half a dozen floors

Construction continues on the new apartment complex in the heart of BKK.

Front View

Further back

Above ground + design

The first signs of a new building are visible now on the corner of streets 322 and 57 in Phnom Penh’s BKK district.

Boarded up and ready to go

First couple floors

First couple floors

Original design (name changed to Gold 1 later?)