Mall open, residence section still working

It looks like the mall opened a couple months ago. Even a Lucky in there.. who lives around here though?

Front Entrance

Front of building

Unfinished condo portion (could be separate project actually)

mall meets condo section

Front entrance again

New Lucky Supermarket inside

empty just constructed small shops

Side Entrance

(overly) Colourful side

Alley behind

View from behind

View from behind unfinished condo section

Dam Finished end 2013

The Stung Atay dam in southern Pursat is open as of the end of 2013 despite lack of fanfare. The previous rumours about damage or delay seem to be unfounded. The dam’s reservoir extends north along the Atay river past the classic Cardamom’s town of O’saom. Between O’saom and Pramaoy, the old road is flooded and an extra 10km is now required to take a new road which wraps around a portion of the reservoir.

I don’t know how the dam project is structured but I think there are several stages (at least 3). They are spread out from the first stage pictured above to the 3rd stage which is a few km south

View of completed dam with filled reservoir

Driving from Pramaoy to O’saom, a finger of the dam’s reservoir is seen in the background (can be crossed by ferry or 10km diversion around)

Small ferry across mentioned portion of the dam’s reservoir

Small ferry across mentioned portion of the dam’s reservoir

View of the dam across the reservoir

The dam wall

Bridge across the Atay river just after O’saom

Second stage

Second stage

Second stage

Second stage

Third Stage

Third stage

Third Stage

Third Stage

Getting Hairy

Yellow tower is changing it’s appearance with a new hairstyle. The vines on this building are really amazing. Nice eco shading I might add.

Vines growing up the sides of Yellow Tower

Slow but

Young’s commercial center has completely missed it’s opening date but progress is being made on PP’s most colourful mall.

Entry Arch

View of the front

Work on the sidewalk outside

Another view of the front

Occupancy Issue

Every once in a while I drive by at night and hardly see any lights on. Either these people are energy saving fanatics, frequent travelers or there is hardly any occupancy in any of the towers.

Not many lights on


The Kirirom III Hydrodam came online in Feb 2013 and is supposed to supply 78 million KWh of electricity a year. This is the third dam in Cambodia after Kirirom I and Kamchay. There are 3 more in the works (and equally as controversial I might add).

Finished Hydrodam

A portion of the project, apparently.


From Phnom Penh Tower

Aerial view

At the front