Definitely nothing happening

The crazy white beach house is long abandoned. Cows graze in the construction yard. Nothing is happening here. But since I was last here 6 months ago, Booyoung Mekong Project has built a huge wall around the area. Is anything seriously happening here?

I’ll just call this the crazy white beach house until someone tells me otherwise

Northeast entrance

A new gate that wasn’t here 6 months ago

Crazy white beach office

Progress Update

There was a little action on site in 2009 but then all the cranes were taken down. Maybe the project financing collapsed in the recession?

View from Yellow Tower

Crazy building, part of the project

Close up


This set of towers is located at the tip of Chroy Chang Va peninsula. It will share the area with Sokha Phnom Penh Resort.

Night lighting included

We’ll call this the future aerial depiction

Rough estimate as best

View from the east. Lots of work here folks.