Not much action (at all)

Pretty much everything has pulled out of the area – the workers, the construction equipment… maybe the investors?

The sign is so faded it can hardly be read anymore

Faded sign. Just like the project. May as well let in some squatters.

Down the middle of the project

Can I wake up now

Their website says it like this “The Oceana International, a Phnom Penh real estate developer, is creating one of the most successful master planned urban environment in Cambodia. Following a comprehensive master plan endorsed by the Phnom Penh Municipality, this Cambodian real estate developer is building a series of large communities on the Phnom Penh Thmey area located in Somroang Teav commune. ” Well to be frank, my dreams are more interesting, but I’ll try to be optimistic here.

Who’s dreams like this by the way?

Home 1

Home 2

Home 3