Likely dead

The embassy center project is probably desd. Hong Kong Land’s “The Landmark” tower is being built in it’s place.


Cows are grazing on the site… ooops

Entrance near Tuol Kork

Through the front gates (still guarded mysteriously)

A peek over the fence

Cows are out… bad sign

Downgraded to villas

The International Finance Complex has been struck by economic downturn. Whether lack of funding or lack of financing, it has been decided that this land is better suited for high class villas. New plans are surfacing now dubbing this project Kings Estate Luxury Villas.

Is Project Over?

I noticed that the land for Embassy Center is for sale. Time to file this project?

For sale sign at northwest corner

Looking north across ‘Freedom’ Park

When you have weeds growing over the for sale sign, that means trouble

Development starts

Big residential complex with notable entrance arches.

Looking in the north gate

Looking across the property

The mentioned gate

Construction Plans for the site

Lee Family association house across the street

Definitely nothing happening

The crazy white beach house is long abandoned. Cows graze in the construction yard. Nothing is happening here. But since I was last here 6 months ago, Booyoung Mekong Project has built a huge wall around the area. Is anything seriously happening here?

I’ll just call this the crazy white beach house until someone tells me otherwise

Northeast entrance

A new gate that wasn’t here 6 months ago

Crazy white beach office

What’s happening

This projects boasts a pretty wild outcome. But there’s nothing to see now.

Entrance from Sothearos Blvd

Wall on riverside next to Diamond Island

Nothing to see

Security is pretty tight but there’s not much to see anyway. Nothing above ground yet.

Guarded east entrance beside Diamond Island

They have their own road signs already I guess

North entrance beside Zaman school

A little foundation work going on

Not much happening

Nothing happening here on site. Actually to be frank, the site actually looks less developed than last year. It’s safe to say this project is somewhere between stalled and haulted.

Construction Plans

Send in the cows I guess

From the road

Empty construction site

2nd Tallest in World

Yes Yes Yes! This is what Cambodia needs. If the instability of Diamond Island causes it to topple over the Mekong, we’ll finally have a tunnel over to Lvea Aem district in Kandal.

From Phnom Penh Post article. Generated lots of discussion and dreaming (kind of like the developers are doing)