Construction Finished

The lower Russei Chrum dam is finished now although it may still be a few months until full electrical connection and commissioning. The hydro project is located approximately 10km north of Koh Kong city and consists of two dams separated by 8km. The plant’s upper station (206MW) was put into operation in 2013 and features a 124m concrete faced rockfill dam. The lower portion of the station (132MW) has a 59m roller-compacted concrete gravity dam.

As of Dec 13, 2013 the dam had just started to impound water (fill its reservoir). Construction originally began in April 2010 by the Chinese state owned Huadian Corp. with an investment of 558 million US dollars. Similar to other Cambodia dam projects, Lower Russei Chrum is under a 30 year BOT contract.

All other information about the dam has been quite secretive.

Depiction of the final product (upper station)

Another artist rendering (lower station)

Apparently a shot of the river closure site


One Response to Construction Finished

  1. John Cherry says:

    Wonder what the implications of dam completion are for water supply in Koh Kong during the dry season.

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