I was driving from the airport to central Hanoi when I noticed the exact arch that is at the entrance of PP grand international city. I don’t know which was built first but as things go, it is highly likely (99.99%) that Cambodia copied. Seriously, it is the same size, same everything. At least the text was changed from Vietnamese to Khmer/English. Ha!

Hanoi Arch

Phnom Penh Arch


3 Responses to Copycat

  1. NotTellingNothing says:

    hey admin you’re word’s are really unprofessional and its starting to piss me off.
    i like the webpage and its good news for Cambodia.

  2. OMG, I know where that copies from! Thanks!

  3. Sambo says:

    As they look quite similar, you may think Cambodia is copying. Yes, it’s similar meaning. Actually, the construction in Vietnam is join venture be Indonesian Company (Ciputra Group) and Vietnamese Company. And again, the project in Cambodia also the join venture between Indonesian (same Company, Ciputra) and Cambodian company (YLP group, maybe), belong to H.E KE Kimyan. Hence, the design is from the same company or other word, they just make it same design there their project in different countries.

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