Who can get to stage 3?

I still haven’t been able to get to stage 3 of the dam (main dam with reservoir behind it). I tried to get there today by using the east side (of the Tek Chuu river) road. This unpaved road used to lead up to stage 3 but there was a small guard box blocking the way. I thought maybe this guard box would be removed now that the dam is apparently operational.

I was right, the guard box wasn’t there. BUT, the road has been sabotaged!! Unfortunately, I went there via moto this time and couldn’t get through. There is a good chance if I go again by bicycle, I could cross the sabotaged areas, but maybe there is another way. I assume access via the west side is still closed to the public. Maybe from the north it is possible? Anyone been to stage 3? I heard that the dam is sort of a failure – not producing nearly as hoped.

An older picture. This has got to be stage 2.

Stage 1 in operation at the present day.

Stage 1 viewed through the fence on the east side of the Tek Chuu River

Stage 2. Finished and painted since my last visit.

Another shot of stage 2

Road to stage 3 sabotaged on the east side of the river

Another portion of the road sabotaged

This is what stage 3 is supposed to look like

Construction of stage 3 (I think)


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