First casino open!

This trip up Bokor was our first trip to the casino. This is the ugliest box on the planet. Much more impressive is the extensive 3d model at the visitor’s center, even though it outlines the rest of the destruction at Bokor mountain. Also the French-era casino is being completely refurbished – this is a complete atrocity. At first I thought they were just going to reinforce it but now I see that it really is getting sandblasted and re-concreted. Despicable. Desecration of a great ruin and tourist attraction.

Oh and it has been mentioned before – so much for the national park!

Sitting Buddha is finished. It’s a Lady… strange.

Front of the casino

Thansur Bokor Highland Resort they’re calling it.

The REAL casino (what’s left of it) hidden in the mist

Exiting the side of the old casino

Main room – notice new concrete plastering the walls

Fireplace being redone

Front of the old casino

Doorway of the old casino

Front of the old French-era casino

Side view of the old casino

Front view of the old casino

Old casino as depicted on the model in the visitor’s centre

A future casino

A massive structure (much much bigger than the casino that just opened)

Another casino hotel

Model view of the existing pagoda (Wat Sampeau)

The model showing the just built casino (Thansur Bokor Highland Resort)

Another view of the model

There are supposed to be homes for 100,000 on top of Bokor. This is supposed to be a national park right?

A gondola up Bokor – doesn’t anyone want to hike up like in the good old days?

Some more buildings in the model

Another view of the model (did I mention this thing is awesome?)

Inside Thansur Bokor Highland Resort

Another view inside Thansur

Front doors of Thansur Bokor


One Response to First casino open!

  1. rusticjarai2013 says:

    I clicked the Like *, to say thank you to SJG, for reporting with snapshots about Bokor National Park…and far from me the very idea to say that I do like what is happening there. MD.

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