Craziest yet

As Phnom Penh learns how to make flyovers, and design them differently than anywhere else in attempt to retrofit them into the core of the city, each one gets more challenging. So now we reach flyover # 3 which is located at the Stung Meanchey bridge. The plan is that St. 271 needs to flyover Monorith Blvd. which is actually a great idea but I’d rather the pain of the current situation than wait for 2 years of construction.

Design of the flyover

Rendering of the design

A flattened view from above

The confusing billboard picture near the intersection (since it is a view with South at the top)

Detailed aerial concept but originally UPSIDE DOWN to confuse us all

Google Maps aerial version (same, for comparison)

A concept with a bit different design


One Response to Craziest yet

  1. Bunsean says:

    Why we need to wait so long, 18 months to complete this one? so we need to wait another 18 months to get 4th flyover?

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