Old Sihanoukville railway station

There is some initial action starting at the Sihanoukville station. The old track has been removed, and the new ties delivered. Other than that, the place is abandoned. While it is clear that the refirbished line from Phnom Penh will reach it’s south-western destination, it is very unclear when rail service will start. Of course, freight will have the priority (get container trucks off highway 4!!!) but there has still been no mention of passenger service to all those who are dying for a railroad experience in Cambodia.

Station as viewed from the main road

Walking to the front of the station between the walls of new rail ties

Pile of old rail ties

A few ancient rail cars (homes now!)

Wait all day but no trains here!

Old ticket counter

People living behind the old ticket window

Out with the old, in with the new

Front entrance to the S’ville station

Station viewed from the east side

Some house constructed paritially with an old rail car (nice idea!)

Track all ripped up (nice place for biking at the moment)

A lonely old piece of a train bridge???


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