Finish bridges before water festival

There is under a month remaining until water festival 2011. As everyone remembers, 2010 water festival went down in history for the stampede that took over 300 lives. This year with record flooding and a first ever cancellation of the yearly boat races draws focus on the other activities, many of them occuring on Koh Pich. It will be interesting to see if anyone faces the ghosts of the past and goes to Koh Pich. If they are up for the challenge, there are 5 bridges to walk across onto the island. Unrelated to the stampede of course, the notorious “diamond gate bridge” has been trippled for this year’s festivities 😉

At the end of Sihanouk Blvd there nearly exists a new bridge to Koh Pich.

The other Siahnouk Blvd bridge to Koh Pich.

New building across the (headless) swan bridge

New building across the (headless) swan bridge

Northeastern tip of Koh Pich is a popular place to watch this year’s flooding

Diamond gate bridge with 2 new ones beside it.

The road leading from the northmost bridge currently ends in the river.

Paving the northmost new bridge

Sihanouk Blvd bridge with diamond gate bride on the left and nagaworld in the background

Carving naga heads on the spot for the 2 new Sihanouk Blvd bridges

Flooding took out the nice manicured bush beside the new bridge already

A view at the two new northern bridges from diamond gate bridge

Diamond gate bridge stampede monument being erected

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