It’s all about bridges these days at diamond island. Funny as Koh Pich isn’t even much of an island at the moment. Maybe the sight of so many bridges (5 planned in total now) will give the appearance of the island like nature of the area. When these bridges are done, make sure to dig a river underneath again ok?

Southmost bridge getting there

Bridge over.. what?

From Diamond island with Rose Condominiums in the background

The swan bridge is still headless but has mysteriously gone green!

What is up with this bridge? I preferred the yellow colour myself

As if 3 bridges wasn’t enough.. here are the two new bridges extending Sihanouk Blvd onto diamond island.

One Response to Bridges

  1. Bunsean Keo says:

    😦 again.. after Diamond bridge was coloured to green now it’s turn for swan bridge 😦 oh my god. this swan bridge look dump with old green colour and no swan head anymore. what are you doing Diamond island.. 😦

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