Hun Sen Boulevard

Lakes, swamps and lagoons around Phnom Penh are all being affected by city growth. None is as big as Boeng Tumpoan (south of Phnom Penh) and now a network of roads will criss-cross the lake, the most notable being the new Hun Sen Blvd. Which will go from Kbal Thnal (Monivong bridge area) south across the lake to connect with highway 2 south-west of Ta Khmao. There will also be a new road from just north of Choeng Ek Killing Fields to just north of Ta Khmao. Lastly a small road will connect from St. 371 near Dombok Khpuos Pagoda and will head east to connect to Hwy 2 a couple kilometers south of Kbal Thnal.

North connection of Hun Sen Blvd. at Kbal Thnal

South connection of Hun Sen Blvd to Highway 2 south-west of Ta Khmao

Only a small image available but it’s possible to see a proposed map of the area across Boeng Tumpoan lake

Construction sign at the south end of the lake showing the main north-south backbone plans

New roads across the lake


2 Responses to Hun Sen Boulevard

  1. Iz-Back says:

    Excuse me! Could someone tell me that “When does this road build” ?
    I’m wonder about this !!!

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