New action at the lake

The first signs of developemnt are showing up (since filling in part of the lake of course). And may I remind that the lake is still being filled with sand. Anyway, there is a road being built on the south side of the lake (north side of the train station). This development opens access for more exploring of the train station as well as the lake development.

New sign showing the new road (and other future roads)

New road entrance beside the train station

Pipe from dredger stretching out into the lake

Exit of one of the pipes

North side of train station open to view now

New road past the trains behind the railway station

Building at the south end of the lake

Road curving around the south side of the lake

Backlit picture but that’s sandy water gushing out at the northwest side of the lake

Flooding new areas at the north east of the lake (residence were not obviously pleased)

That evil pipe end again

Can’t do much but watch

Military backed?

Flooding houses

Plans for the new road north of the railway station


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