Open… for golfing

Construction continues on residences but nothing is more impressive than the entrance gate yet. I can say with some confidence that no one is living here yet but aside from that, you can come for golfing, driving range, or lakeside restaurant. These three activities hardly warrent moving in yet as the finished commercial buildings are not in use.

The part about golfing is acurate so far. The rest is a little preemptive.

First look entering the city from the east

As mentioned, the gate is still the most impressing after the first few years of development.

Gate with commercial area on the right

That arch gate again

Artistic roundabout

This isn’t Thailand… stay on the right ok?

Main road of showhomes

With that price tag, you really should know what’s on the inside of the nicely painted exterior.

People out on the golf course


I really wonder about the water bill for this place (boulevards and golf course)

Discover your future home. I’ll pass for now.

Driving range (make sure to look for the splash)

More residences under construction

Northern-most residences

Building and finished

Again, you have to wonder about the quality under that nice paint.

The line of development. Seriously, the road continues into a poor slum.

Golf course from the north

That line between agriculture and international city again.

More residences

From the north

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