Phnom Penh’s first skyscraper

The OCIC Tower (Canadia Bank) is finished (on the outside anyway). It is Phnom Penh’s and Cambodia’s first skyscraper. And they used to think Sorya shopping mall was tall!!

Seen from Japanese Friendship Bridge

Driving south on Monivong

Looking up at 33(ish) floors

OCIC Tower with Vattanac Bank construction starting on the north side

View from the south

Bank Entrance street level


One Response to Phnom Penh’s first skyscraper

  1. Jamprung Numtrung says:

    OOOH Well dont cambodians! You have your FIRST SKYSCRAPER which is 33 floors tall!!! WOW! OMG Why so fast!??? I bet now taiwan is building 120 floor buildings whilst you guys just finished your FIRST 33 floors skyscrapers! Wow guys Cambodians r so smart. Wow. Just impressed. wait…,, Malaysia and Thailand had their first skyscrapers which are 50 floors tall.. about 20 YEARS AGO??? oh well :/ your country needs to SPEED UP a little bit (Maybe 20 years faster to catch up with other NORMAL countries 😉 ) lol I hope u have a better CIVILISATION!!!!

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