Ground is broken

The road up Bokor mountain is nearly paved but there isn’t a whole lot going on up top yet (thankfully). The last time I checked, it wasn’t the best idea to build new cities on the top of National Park mountains. That’s what the plans indicate anyway. If I am still around Cambodia in 15 years when the new resort and amenities are finished, I’m sure by then I’ll be hardened to all types of atrocities and eyesores.

The Sokimex website says it quite eloquently:

“A historic cool getaway spot during the colonial French era.
Bokor Mountain majestically overlook the coastal town of Kampot like a sleeping giant, 1079 meters above sea level.”

“We not for long because Sokimex Group will transform this unique 5 square kilometer picturesque mountain plateau into a resort for international and local tourist alike.”

Seriously? I appreciate the ‘temporary’ addition anyway.

The amount of rebar sticking out of the ground suggests something might actually happen up here.

I prefer the previous casino and resort actually.

You’re kidding me right?


Road construction up the mountain


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