2nd Tallest in World

Yes Yes Yes! This is what Cambodia needs. If the instability of Diamond Island causes it to topple over the Mekong, we’ll finally have a tunnel over to Lvea Aem district in Kandal.

From Phnom Penh Post article. Generated lots of discussion and dreaming (kind of like the developers are doing)

6 Responses to 2nd Tallest in World

  1. Phina ANN says:

    I strongly hope that this tallest building will appear in Phnom Penh soon.

  2. Bunsean Keo says:

    I believe our prime minister’s speech

  3. austin says:

    i cant wait to see that

  4. virath says:

    In phnom phen right now looking cool.

  5. chan sokha says:

    Behalf of cambodia citizen i want to see what is newest achievement with current government.

  6. Si Kalien says:

    yeah, baby! bring it on!
    i want it ready by the end of the year, i want a shopping mall on every floor too and KFC next to each escalator and proper McDonalds too

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