Flyover finished

The flyover is finished and the fact that there is an instructional visit on how to use the bridge on the ministry of public works and transportation is a testiment to its limited design. For example, to turn left onto Monivong bridge from travelling south on Noridom: head south, veer right towards Monivong road, after 100m or so perform an awkward U-turn, then head under the flyover and across the bridge (instructional video has arrow diagrams for every confusing situation).

Towards the flyover from Monivong Blvd.

Towards the flyover from Monivong Bridge

View from east side

View from east side

Under looking south

Looking south from Norodom

Looking south from Norodom

Heading south across the flyover from Norodom

Heading north on flyover

The view off the flyover looking west into Phnom Penh

The view east looking over the Monivong Bridges

South of the flyover looking north

Bridge at night

Bridge at Night

Finished Flyover


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