The good old days

Bokor mountain has always been since the start of Cambodia backpacking (early 2000s), a mysterious mountain full of spooky ruins – guaranteed to be on all adveturer travel lists. Now the awesome abandoned mountain as we knew it is threated to be ruined forever by mass-ugly-asian-themepark-resort-development. Lets take a moment to remember the Bokor of the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s.

The ‘old’ road up Bokor

The ‘old’ road up Bokor

Old casino ruins

Old church ruins

Casino top down view

Creepy spaceship watertower

The church in spooky mist

The casino in spooky mist

One of the upper floor casino wings

The (royal) Black Palace part way down the mountain

Popokvil waterfall down the road from the casino


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